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About us

With almost 100 years of combined technical experience we can offer you the best solution in accordance to your demand. We produce products, which are used in different kind of defense, wireless communication and commercial applications.
Our Web-site lists a complete line of standard designs and capabilities. As ferrite materials are our main specialization, we are aware that defense and high-quality commercial applications can require product customization. Ferrites are very sophisticated product and tailor-made within technological limits to meet desired characteristics for electronic and microwave components. Thorough this approach, we encourage our customers to talk to us about their special requirements. Our standard design can be optimized for the best performance.

We can save your expenses.

1901 - Factory Magneton was founded as a plant of Electric Energy Association for producing galvanic elements.
1919 nationalized having kept its primary specialization till the end of 1940-s.During the World War II Magneton was remaining in blockaded Leningrad in order to provide the Army with dry galvanic elements.
1950-s specialized in producing reciprocal isolators, resistors, electrolythic condensers.
1960-s the first in former Soviet Union started producing ferrite materials and devices on their base.
mid 1970-s having developed strong R&D center Magneton became a leading producer of ferrite materials in Soviet Union. Magneton was the only source for the thousands of ferrite phase shifters needed to make the new designed phased array radar antenna.
1985 - Magneton was awarded the Order of Patriotic War according to its services in supplying the Soviet Army with necessary equipment during the World War II and post-war period.
1993 reorganized into Joint Stock Company Magneton.
1996 started exporting products.
Magneton ferrite technology, established with over 30 years of experience, has opened the door for an evolution from custom military materials into high quality materials tailored to todays commercial requirements.
Magneton is well equipped to solve your difficult and different problems in the field of MW and RF communication systems.
Located in a 50 000 square meters facility, our plant is designed to provide an efficient working environment. Magneton is structured to provide customers with close technical support, fast product development and prototyping. Our staff has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing of microwave materials.
Our production facilities:
Workshop for manufacturing microwave ferrite materials: garnets and spinels used in military and commercial communication systems including wireless cellular and satellite systems.
Workshop specialized in manufacturing lithium ferrites applied in phase shifters for applications in phased array radar antennas.
The heart of this facility is unique equipment including presses made by ASEA (Sweden) for cold
and hot isostatic molding.
Workshop specialized in producing thermo-stable multi-hole ferrite plates with rectangular hysteresis loop for long-memory devices, which are component parts for aircraft and space control systems.
Workshop for producing microwave ferrite devices used in telecommunication and radar systems.
And other auxiliary facilities.

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